when I loved others, I enjoyed to read others story!

when I started to love myself, I am cherishing to write it on my own.


HELLO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Hope you are doing great. With GOD’S BLISS,I have started my new Journey and loving to take you all to make colorful thoughts and talks.Here is my hearty welcome to My Blogging site so called”KUSHY’S_RANDOM_THOUGHTS”.

Am ready to start, will you be my dear comrade throughout my journey??If YES, then accept my warm invitation!! we ll rock!!





For a long time, I have been struggling with my Random thoughts and suffered by out of memory. To recover myself, I decided to share with you by sounding it through writing. Ha Ha!! coming to the question one more time “Y AM HERE 2 BLOG?”
I never thought of writing a blog or sound out my voice in online.#I don’t even know how to blog and how to connect with people in online.#Am not following any bloggers and not even a book reader, adding to that am not sure on my grammars. I am still filled with a question, what made me to start. BUT SURPRISINGLY, AM HERE 2 BLOG.
We all know that , “There is no limits to our imaginations and if we bind it, we ll be healthy“. (But,We the human beings: are good @ knowing and bad @ working out.) Some of my unnecessary thoughts made me to Cry, some to Smile, some even to fell in Sick,. simply saying it brings all of my emotions.
Have you ever felt better when you poured out the problems or emotions to someone(might be your close one) or happy with someone having the same thoughts which you are going through your mind??? Yes, it matters.
And finally,I dare to take the big challenge to match you with my thoughts and I try to write as fair as I can. It takes time to me to be a good blogger and to enhance myself to provide you the more. Give me the chances to prove myself to the mirror.

Rewrite the Well Written-5

Helleloo My Beautiful..!! How are you all?? and Welcome back to this new Episode. Here is your Kushy to narrate you the Episode-5 of “Rewrite the Well Written”. Oh No!! I am sorry. Its seems like RJ note, Right? What can I do, me Poor Girl.. Due to narrating like a RJ for the past 4 episodes, I am slowly becoming Chandramuki, Sorry.. Sorry.. RJ Kushy… He He..I Caught Your mind, So without delaying we shall directly move on to the next Episode with some small recap.
Wait Wait..!! If you are new to this post, Please visit my previous episode. (Note: The above line is just copy & paste)
https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/11/10/rewrite-the-well-written-4/ –>> This will give you the other previous episodes link.

Recap: Kayal’s Dad Spotted- Kayal & Kelin’s lovely Chit-Chat behind the wall- Kelin’s Birthday surprise to kayal.


The Rj continued,” Yes..!! Finally everything was fine with Kayal’s Dad and they were moving to the coffee cabin, right? Come On, Lets see what was happened after then…

After all, both Kayal & Kelin and Mr. Sundharam Sir, yes, Our Kayal’s Dad seated in the table which was booked by Kayal.
“Where is my cake?”, Kelin asked kayal like a child.
Kayal: Kely.. Am so hungry and thirsty too.. So, Can you please get me our favorite CAPPUCCINO COFFEEE and One normal coffee for Daddy, Please?? (Here Started Kayal’s First Clue)
(Meanwhile Kayal’s Dad was thinking like, So Pity!! She resembles her mother even this too..)
Kelin: “Hmm.. You are taking an advantage here.. Let it be.. One day, Light will turn to me. Then I will make a revenge against you”, He conveyed melodramatic anger to Kayal by his eyes itself.
Kayal: “Go my Boyy.. Go.. Go…”, urged him with lovely sarcastic smile.
Kayal’s Dad: Today his birthday, So you should get for him, Dear.
Kayal: Lets Wait & See, Daddy..!!
Kelin: “Brother, 2 Cappuccino and one normal coffee”,he ordered.
Rayon.. Take care the customer“, a voice raised from the cash counter.
(Kelin had turned his neck to the side where the voice was raised, since it was his Friend name).
Hmm, Miss you da Raaya..!! How sweet it would be, If all our friends were here to celebrate my Birthday”, Kelin said to himself.
Kelin was surprised to see the chocolate decoration which bears “HBD Kelin” in the coffee plate., but without the coffee cups..
(Until, Kelin had not see the person who was in the shop).
“Yes Sir, Happiee Birthday Sir”, Rayon wished him with his smart friendly tone.
“Raayaaa……….???”, Kelin exaggerated. (YES, It was Kelin’s One of the friends).
I can’t Belive it. How.. How Daa? When did you return back here? When did you Join here..?? Is this your onsite project? Hey, Then Is this the job you were doing in abroad? Why didn’t you inform me about your arrival? Kelin was keep on asking all ‘Wh’ questions without taking the breath. (Even in the Surprised moment, Kelin never forget to had his humorous talk)
(Hmm, “Why didn’t you ask such questions.. Control.. Control… Ellaam Aval Seyal”)- he was thinking by himself.
Haan Da.. Actually I decided to join in Politics. So that, I quit my job there and joined in this coffee shop”, he made his sarcastic reply as same as how Kelin asked him.
“Raayaaa..!! Fine, Tit for tat is over.. Tell me the truth”, he turned to normal mode.
“Its all Kayal’s Planning for you da..!!!”, Rayon reveals the first surprise.
“Wow..! Is it..?”, Kelin feels Great about Kayal’s surprise. (Here, Kelin had come to know that, Kayal was playing a Game)
(Thank god..!! You saved me from Kayal, My part is over)- Rayon murmured himself.

(Meantime, Kayal texted Kelin: I hope you might have found your first Treasure. Here is your second one, My clue is, This is one type of Snacks, which was the one, First time I fed you on our first Valentine’s day celebration. Guess it and find your next Treasure.

The Rj continued, “Hello My people, Finally The TREASURE HAUNT game started. Successfully, Our Kelin found his Friend Rayon and the Friend(SHIP) is going to sink with full of fun and Joyfulness. Lets wait to get back with the game. Stay tuned and enjoy the Upcoming songs.

($ong was playing……)

How did Kelin find his other friends? Malar..?? Did you forget the character Malar? What was the climax then? This Story name doesn’t suit with the story plot, right? Then, Why I named such one? To know everything, Just stay with me for few more episodes…

To Be Continued……,

(Since its not an audio or a video based story telling, I feel it would be better to have it in minimum length, So that You may feel good to read a short one.)

#Keep Smiling 🙂
#Ta Da!!
#Be blessed.


Hellelo My Beautiful..!! How are you? Yes! Finally I am back with 4th episode of “Rewrite the Well written”. Without any delay, we shall move on to the next episode. But, Before that, If you are new to this episode, Please visit the below links to get the beginning parts of the story.
https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/10/31/rewrite-on-the-well-written/ Episode-1
https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/11/03/rewrite-the-well-written-2/ Episode-2
https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/11/06/rewrite-the-well-written-3/ Episode-3

A small Recap: Kelin’s Call to his Friend- Chill conversation between them- At-last Kayal & Kelin was met up- Romantic mode of Kayal & Kelin- Kayal’s Dad spotted.

EPISODE-4: Kayal Dad’s Entry..!!

(Kayal had spotted her dad while she was bringing Kelin to get the T-shirt..) Rest is…………….
Kayal: “Lets hide kelyy.. If dad will see us, Definitely we would face a big problem. Please, Lets go!!”, in a panic voice she urged Kelin.
Kelin: Shall I speak with him, Bab!!
Kayal: Oh, My dear birthday boy, this is not the right time. Please listen my words. I don’t wanna MISS YOU. @t the same time, I can’t live without you.
(Meanwhile, Kelin Laughed loudly)
Kayal: “Am I Kidding??”, she asked with an angry look.
Kelin: How many days I asked you to tell how much you are loving me. You never showed your other side. But, Today luckily, I received your words… Ha Ha!!
Kayal: Mmm,.. Mmm.. quick.. Lets go somewhere…

(Both were hide themselves behind the wall)

Kelin: Bab, Lets invite your Dad to my Birthday party..
Kayal: Oh fine! Then, It will be your Last birthday with me. Is it okay for you? She asked in a rough tone.
Kelin: “Are you sure, Bab? Then, Don’t waste the time, RUSH!! We need to catch your dad before he would move on from the place”, Kelin urged Kayal with sarcastic smile.
: Idiot…!! Poda..!! (While, She was beating him with love)
Kelin: “Mr. ChandraMouli??????”, raised his voice a little louder.
Kayal: (Kayal Closed his mouth). “Shhh.!! What are you doing??? and My Dad name is Sundharam. Don’t you know this simple thing about my family??” with embarrassed, she questioned him. 😕
(Oh No!! It was Yesterday movie effect…., Kelin’s Mind voice)
: “He He..!! Thank you Bab, for remembering me..!! Let me correct this time”, he played with words on her.
Kayal: Kodumai!! Idha thaa Thavalai thann vaayal kedum nu solluvangalo..?? (Translate– Shit..!! Is this meant,One should get spoiled by thier own words..??) but, Please be serious Kely. Its our Life.
Kelin: With Smile, He called Kayal’s Dad in loud Voice, UNCLE…….????
Kayal: She Looked Kelin’s Eyes with shocking. 😐

(Lub Dub.. Lub Dub… Its nothing, But Kayal’s Heart Beats)

Kelin: Baby, You are giving same reactions for all emotions, try to act perfectly.. 😀
Kayal: “KeLyYyYyY….!!!” with shivered tone she voiced his name.
Kelin: Wait. Let me try to present you a birthday gift Bab.
Kayal: “Hey.. Its not a Surprise. Its Shocking man. And, Moreover, Its your birthday, So I must be the one who should surprise you”, She argued without confident.

(Kayal’s Dad catch both of them, and walking towards them)

Kayal: “See! Don’t you know when to make fun”, she shouted at him.
Kayal’s Dad: Here is your Parcel, my dear.
Kayal: “Daddyyy… I am… Am Sorry… But, but Actually…….”, Kayal Stammered.
Kelin: (Covering his mouth by his hand) he was thinking, could she speak this much low note? What a performance…!!
Kayal’s Dad: I know everything. And I am happy to have Kelin as our Family member, Kayal.

(In btw We: Pity!! He is not a terror police Pa, Sorry not a Terror Dad pa. It seemed, 1000 wala exploded like a Flower pot, Hmm Whatever, We don’t bother, If everything was fine, )

(Meanwhile, Kayal pinched Kelin to check whether it was a dream or a real one)

Kelin: Shh..Aaaaahhhhhhhh“, Kelin Sounded with husky voice note.
Kayal’s Dad: What Happened Kelin??
Kelin: Nothing Uncle., and “Is your doubt cleared?”, Kelin Wishpered to Kayal.
Kayal: KeLyYyYyY……..!!! With full of happiness she asked, How da…??? ( While, She was keep on blushing against him) and asked then, How is my reaction, Eeeee?!! :-]
Kelin: Oh My cutie…..!!! ( Mindvoice: Dear God, Forgive me for lying on my birthday). :-X
Kayal’s Dad: Ofcourse, I hope Kayal might have made some cake cutting session. So, I just make my way before you and come quick.

(Awwww!!, What a Dad he was!! Sometimes Flower pot gives a colorful moments than a 1000 Waala, Right?).

Kelin: Are You Happy, Bab???
Kayal: Yes Kely..!! To the Core..
Kelin: But, I am not.
Kayal: Whyyyyy??
Kelin: You Know, I hopefully approached your father, by thinking, he might be like Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya Jessy’s Father., So that I can escape from you. But, he was like Varnam Aayiram Surya’s Father. Its all fate of mine, Hereafter I don’t have any ways.
“Dear your time is not good after your birthday. So Be aware”, this is what My Mom insisted me when I was about to come and meet you. I think Mom was right”,Kelin expressed with Sarcastic Sad voice. ;-D
Kayal: You need to pay off for your words, KeLy.. But,Today I won’t do anything.. Only, Lovessss…..
Kelin: “You will pay off for my words..” – Is there any need to know this from you? No.. Ha.. I know even if you didn’t tell this.
Kayal: But, Kely.. How dare you to make my dad as delivery boy.. I meant, How dare to ask him to give the parcel to me… You used your chance… Right?
Kelin: Ooops.. My Jesus.. Take care of this child.. :-!

(With that, They were almost reached where she planned to have her surprise to Kely, Sorry I meant to say Kelin.. Yeah, Kayal will get possessive If I use Kely.. )

The Rj added with lovely tone, “Yes..!! My people. How sweet it was.. Every boys love to tease her girl and at the Same time every girls love their teasing but they pretend to have a lovely fight to have the relationship tight. I think, This is one of the beautiful things which will enhance the beauty of love, Isn’t it? And, Our Kayal and kelin proved this one more time to us”. But now you need to wait to know what happened then. Stay tuned, I will get back soon after the few songs.

How Kelin was reacted when he had met his friends after a long time? Here Everything seems to be perfect, Right?? If this is what happened in Malar’s dream, then Why she get all those sufferings & Frustrations? Is there anything else beyond his birthday party? To know this, You need to wait for next few more days…

To Be Continued….!!

Stay tuned and share this to your friends since I have worked for this episode to make you to feel comfort.

(Check the link, Practice these songs and the choreography. Lets do it on Cake cutting session and be a part in our Kelin’s birthday Celebration…)

Take Care and My birthday wishes to those who are going to celebrate their birthday this week….

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Hellelo my beautiful…!! Hope you are good. And Am grateful to you for making myself boosted by spending your valuable time here. If you are new to this story, I have listed the link of my previous episodes below, make sure to click it and come back here.
https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/10/31/rewrite-on-the-well-written/ — Epi 1.
https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/11/03/rewrite-the-well-written-2/ — Epi 2.

Recap of Epi-2: Malar could hear the show from the busKayal invited Kelin’s best friends to surprise himEverything seemed to be the dream of MalarMalar couldn’t take any moreMalar was dropped out from the bus.

Here Continues……….

EPISODE 3: Romantic Moment of Kayal & Kelin..!!

Cast: Malar, RJ, Kayal, Kelin, Friend.

Yes, Our Malar was stunned where she was dropped out. She had been thinking few minutes in the place itself and then took a deep breath and got an auto to the FM station. She requested the auto driver to tune the Radio, then she took her notepad and started to write something, Meanwhile she prayed to reach the place before the program had to be started.

Her Fortunate, Malar reached the FM station before the show had started and rushed towards the RJ’s room but where she wasn’t allow to enter into the room as the program was in live. Yet She begged the RJ at least to come out from the room. Then, She explained everything to the RJ and gave the paper on which she had written something. Malar was asked to stay outside the room, Since the RJ needed to continue the show.

The show continued, “Hello beautiful people, Welcome back to the show.. Yeah! One of the friends got call from Kelin, Right?” So the friend who got the call was silently moved away from the gang.

Friend: Hello…?? Where are you da?
Kelin: Haan? Where are you ah?? What do you mean?
Friend: Sorry, I meant… I meant.. Haan! I just wanna ask how are you. How ere you da? Did you receive my wishes.?
Kelin: Yeah ji.. Thank you and You know very well that You are my lucky charm.
: He He He!! Is it? but, What’s the need to tell this right now?
Kelin: Ji! Listen. Just wish me All the best and Don’t ask for what, Why.., I swear that will let you know the matter soon.
Friend: (You too Brutus: His Mind voice.) Fine da. ALL THE VERY BEST AND YOU WILL GET WHAT YOUR HEART WISHES. Once again Happy Birthday da. Will See You Soon. (With that he mingled with the gang).
(A FeW MiNuTeS LaTeR…….)
Kayal Found Kelin in a distance, So she hurried his friends to hide.
{{At-last, The two souls were met}}.
Somewhat Kelin was looked more handsome on that day. Yes. Without any doubt, Our Kayal again fell in love with Kelin.
(Kelin: Damn!! She might get angry on me for this much late . Lets manage it.)
Kelin with Hesitating Smile: Bab. Actually…..??!! Kayal hugged him and said with romantic voice note,“Happiee Birthday my dear. Love you”.
Kelin’s Mindvoice. “(OMG!! Is this my Kayal?. OH..!!! My lucky charm words are working out. Thank God. How sweet it would be, If I celebrate my birthday daily for supposed I wont get any fights for being late.. Hmm)”,
Kayal: Having a cute smile, Kayal looked Kelin’s eyes without blushing and asked him to close his eyes.
Kelin: Wow..!! I think Bab is going to kiss me.. By thinking so, he closed his eyes with cloud nine feeling.
Kayal: Closed Kelin’s eyes by her hands and added Don’t ask anything Kely. Just walk with me)
(“VADA POCHEYYY…!!! Whether Lucky charm’s word is one time validity..???”, Kelin murmured himself) and added
Kelin: Bab! Just a minute. I am okay to walk with you but I got couple t-shirt. It would be lovely when we both wear it while I am cutting the cake. And you no need to take away your hands but you must take me where I ask you to go.
Kayal: Mmmmm…??? Okay!! Yours wish Kely.
(She brought him where he asked, but in the mid-way)
Kayal: Daddy?????????
Kelin: What, Whose Dad???
Kayal: My Dad… Oops! Its my Dad Kelyyyy….!!!!
Kelin: What……..??????

Was Kayal & Kelin caught by her Dad? Why Malar went to the Fm station? Malar said it was tragedy, whether they both were split there after? If these are the questions you are having now, Just wait for few more days.

To Be Continued…….!!!!

Thank you so much & Please share if you like my work. And My Lovely Wishes to the people who are about to celebrating their Birthday by this week.

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Hellelo.. Hope, you are good and thank you for being in my second episode. If you haven’t read the 1st Episode yet, no problem. I have given the link below, Please go through it and then continue this episode so that it will be fine for you to travel with the story.. https://myscribbleddthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/10/31/rewrite-on-the-well-written/

A Small Recap for you– Malar with Precognitive DisorderHad a particular dream repeatedlyShe Couldn’t manage the day after the dream Returning to homeFM Show resembled her dreamSuferred with headacheTea shopMalar’s Words against the man who was smoking in the public place.

Here continues………………

Episode 2: Kayal’s Surprise Plan.!!!

Cast: Malar, RJ, Kayal, Kelin’s Friends.

So Still, Malar was waiting for the bus with full of anxiousness about the Fm show. A few minutes later, She got the bus to her home. She was surprised where FM was tuning in the bus itself. Then, She urged to get the ticket and placed herself where she could hear the clear sound. Her good fortune, she got back into the show where she was left with.

The voice from the Radio “Hello beautiful, Welcome back and here I am gonna continue the story. Our Kayal was in love with her boy Kelin for the past 2 years and it was his second birthday after they fell in love with each other. So She wanted to give a lovely surprise to her boy. She invited Kelin to a coffee shop where they always hanged out with. What was the surprise?? Wait! To travel with Kayal, Stay tuned with me.I’ll get back here after the break”.

(Ad was Playing in the Radio…..)

Together with, Malar couldn’t control her fear and she was shivering too as it was very much similar with her dreams and she would know the tragedy of the story before the show get ended if the show would be continued like this manner. Moreover She wondered how a person had gone through the things which she had in her dreams. In the end, Malar was in a mixed emotion.

(The show had started within the minutes….)

The Rj continued, “Welcome back to the show. Yes!! we are with the story of Kayal. Kayal invited Kelin’s school friends who were in abroad as Kelin used to tell her that he had missed his friends a lot and always wanted to meet them and of-course this was one of the longing wishes of Kelin. Kayal planned her surprise very well and was waiting with his friends in the coffee shop. She was worried and little bit angry about Kelin’s delaying, that’s how he did always. Though She kept the smile on her face since it was her boy’s Birthday. At the moment, one among the friends received a call from Kelin”….

RJ continued: So, Yes! My people. What happened then? I can’t wait to convey this to You but before that I have back to back beautiful songs for you. Enjoy and Stay tuned.

(Song was playing……)

But here, Malar was about to get faint as she was hearing the same thing which she had in her dreams. Somehow she managed herself and decided to get off from the bus. So, She voluntarily forced the driver to stop and wouldn’t allow to hear the conductor’s questions and was dropped out from the bus.)

Malar was stunned where she was dropped out…

Why Malar did so? What would she do after that? What was happened to Kayal & Kelin? What was the conversation btw Kelin & his friend? To Know these, You need to stay tUnEd……

To be continued………. (Thank You & Share this if you like my thoughts..) Catch yuu zoon on next episode!!

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#Ta da!
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Hello Beautiful..!! Hope you are good and yes you might have resumed your works after the festive. I am sorry to interrupt you on your week days, but I have tried new Short Story and planned to make it as series. For that, I posted my blog today. Make your time to get relax by reading my new attempt and I am sure, It’ll take merely 5 to 10 minutes only to read. Here the Story starts.

Episode 1: Malar’s Disorder and Her Frustration.

Cast: Malar, An Auto Driver, Radio Jockey (RJ), Kayal, A Public Man.

A girl named Malar who had a problem of ‘Precognitive Disorder’ which is nothing but the dreams which gonna happen in the future. Malar would get bullied whenever she expressed it to her friends. So, she stopped to tell this problem to anyone. One night, She had a dream which was irrelevant to her lives ie she didn’t know the persons who were in the dreams. But, that was not the first time, it was about the third time she had this same dream. Hence, it made her to fear and to confuse. The then morning she prayed to her god not to let the dream to be the real one. Then, she went to her office. She was keep on thinking about the dream through out the day, furthermore She couldn’t manage the day properly, forthwith she got the permission from the manager and decided to return to her home. Since it was her irregular timing to the home, She ought to get an auto to the bus stop where she could get her bus. Luckily, She got an auto atonce. (Yeah! We know that, beyond the heavy traffic and conversion between the passengers, an auto driver could enjoy his riding only by the FM or by their own playlist. Isn’t it??)

A voice from the Radio: “Hello Beautiful, We have been showing-Surprise moments of the people who wished to share with us. Following the list, Today I am back with Kayal’s story which I selected it among the 100’s of emails”.

(Malar got surprised to hear the name which was bearing the same name of the girl in Malar’s dream. It made her so curious.
“Brother, Can you please tune the volume high?” She requested the driver.
“Okay Ma!!”
Auto driver replied.

The RJ continued her show “Its about Kayal’s story that how she loved her boy and how she surprised on her boy’s birthday. I hope this story will touch our souls. So stay tuned, I will be back on the track after the wonderful songs..”

($ong Was Playing in the Radio……..)

On the other hand, Malar was shocked about the show that it seemed to be her dream in which kayal was about to surprise her boy. Therefore, She couldn’t wait to hear from the RJ. But, She needed to get off from the auto as she reached her stopping. In such circumstances, She was out of her thoughts. To clarify, What it really was, she got an idea to hear the show from her mobile. But sad, she missed her ear-phones in her office itself with that her mobile charge was low too. It made her clueless and it leaded to ache her head. But then she could hear the FM sound somewhere. So she turned her head and yes, It was from the road side tea shop. Despite the tea shop rushed with gents, Her curiosity with the head ache made her walk towards the shop.

“Brother, One Tea!” She ordered. In fact, Malar was the only girl in that shop. At instance, She got cough as she had been struggled with the cigarette smoke which was smoked by most of the men around there. She coughed continuously, So covered her nose to protect from the smoke. But, She couldn’t control as the smoke was heavy to take. Finally, She made her sentences against the man who was beside her “Brother, Usually, I don’t prefer to come here but I am having my severe headache, I don’t find any shops near, So I made my way here. You people are smoking in the public place. It made me to cough heavy. Remember, Your wife or Daughter might have faced my situation at somewhere but they could haven’t able to convey to you because you are like one among those persons.Brother, I must say ‘YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO YOUR FAMILY and YOU HAVE CONCEALED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WELLNESS OF THE PUBLIC ALSO. Take Care.'”, She left the place without seeing the man again.

Did Malar hear the Full show? If yes, then How did she find the way to hear it? Was the story similiar with Malar’s dream? To know it, you have to wait for few more days……………

To Be Continued…………………..!!! (Give your likes, Shares & feedback, so that it will boost my work.)

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Who You Are?

Helleloo Beautiful..!!! How are you? Yes!! Festive mode is on!! Many of you would have already started your vacation or somebody may be packing now or someone is travelling too or Somebody waiting to pause your workload to enjoy your festive in your home. Isn’t it? That’s so Cool..!!! and thank you so much for giving your valuable time to read this one.

What If we wouldn’t have any Names to us? How it would be if everyone has same name? OMG..!! Our Good fortune, We don’t have these type of problems. I love to say that I always believe My Name is so special for me and also believe that everyone has the same feeling. Its need not be Unique or Catchy or something else. Yet, we show some hidden love on our names, to say, many of us cannot take-it-easy when someone wrongly calling or mis-spelling their names. Isn’t it? And, You may have a pretty name with wonderful meaning or someone have wonderful name without knowing the meaning. That’s Fine. Ufff.!!! we are not responsible for our Names and yeah Its all because of our parents and fore-parents. Even though Our Name plays a major role in our life, Is only our name enough to define ourselves??

Stop Stop!! I guess you are wondering Why I am telling all those things.. am I right? But Wait!! Lemme get the track..

Since, It is a festive week, I have been thinking about what I am gonna share with you and Of-course, I make sure myself that I don’t want to boredom. So, I decided to play a game with you.

Are you Ready………..??? Here we go…. Now, You are going to solve the puzzle “Who You Are?”

I am not going to ask Whats your name or whats the meaning of your name. But,
1. I want you to stick with your First letter of your name. Did you? (I hope, you are having your first letter in your mind.)
2. And now, Give a meaningful word which starts with your first letter.
For eg: Let say I am Kushy. My first letter is ‘K’. I give
3. Yes, the third step is. You are going to define (Live) the word which you have given to your letter through out your life.
4.Note: You can give more than a word to your letter.
5. Timing: Whenever someone calling your name.
–> If you think, its a worth game to play, You will get UNLIMITED OFFER..!! as Diwali Dammaakaa !!) So that you can play Whenever, Wherever you can.
Description of the game is over, and now Your Game starts here. (If have any doubt regarding the game, kindly lemme know)

I request you people to not only see this as a post but also give the chance to play this game. Share this one to your friends, so that they can also take part in this game and be the answer for the question “Who You are?”

Let Each and Every Letter Of Your Name $peaks @bout You!!

#EnJoy this festival by making Someone to Joy!! Appieee Divaalyy!!

#Ta Da!
#Be Blessed!!


Hello beautiful..!! Hope you are doing good. You people have lot of platforms to relax and entertain yourself in this chill weather. But, You are here to read and encourage my work.Thanks you so much. And, I Just wanna ask you this…. Have your ever felt regret of missing the chance to help someone when you could have done that one? If so, here is the story of a boy.

A little boy who could see some poor families on the road side to his school. He would feel pity on them while he was seeing them. “I will help them once I have grown up” he used to tell himself. Days passed, He had grown up. Whenever he could able to go in the path where the poor were being, his heart would urge him to help them, but he hadn’t have enough money to help them. So always he would sadly turn his head and moved on from the place. In the meantime, he would swear on himself that he would help them once he had started to earn. His good fortune after completing his college, he got a job with decent salary. But, That was not enough for him to satisfy everyone’s need in his family. Even if he gets increment, His needs equally demands his incremented salary. Totally he forgot the poor people to whom he wanted to help. He was getting older as days passed by. Finally he also became dependent on someone. On One cloudy evening, he made his walk for some relaxation, where He could find a small poor boy in the road side who was eating his food which was in a dirty ragged paper. He was melted while he was seeing him and he could able to remember the poor ones whom he came across in his childhood. He regretted that he couldn’t help them though he earned. As usual, he sadly turned his way to his home.

—> Hello Beautiful..!! This is not the story of ‘the Regrets of the elder man’ but will be ours too. We sometimes or always waiting for the moment to help when we have ‘The Enough‘ to help the needy. Believe me, As we are humans, we Never Ever Feel enough with what we have. Nonetheless, WE CAN HELP SOMEONE IN EVERY SINGLE MINUTE BEYOND OUR Needs and Struggles. So, Don’t wait to do that.

If you have Rs.100, Someone need Rs.1.
If you have Rs.1000, Someone need Rs.10.
If you have Rs.10,000, Someone need Rs.100. and so..
If you are Mentally Strong, Give them your time who needs.
If you are Physically Strong, Give them your strength who seeks.


#Lets_Get_Addict_Into_Helping..!! (Thank you)

#Keep Smiling 🙂
#Ta da!
#Be Blessed!


Hey Beautiful..!! Hope you are doing great. I believe that you are there for me whenever I would suffer with my thoughts. Here I will tell you what thought had suffered me yesterday.

My neighborhood boy who is studying his 2nd class was sitting with his book. I went near to him and asked “What a miracle my boy, Are you studying?”. “Am playing” he replied. Idiot! Give me the respect. I am elder than you right. “No! Am playing with my puzzle, See my book” he showed.

(It was a number puzzle. By joining it, we will get some beautiful image. Actually, It is one of my favorites too. Because, In such puzzles only, I could draw a perfect picture!) Then I smiled and said “Let me help you”. He objected “No need. I know to solve this puzzle”.(Small evil..) but I couldn’t sit quite and also I needed to chat with him. Had placed my hands on my chin with humming, I started to watch him. He just moved his pencil from the number 14 to the number 15.

I asked “Why are you here”? I meant, Why he had moved from the number 14 to the number 15. (Literally, I hadn’t any clue, how to chat with him so that my time would pass. Hence I made such silly question)
“Don’t you know the numbers, You said You are elder than me. So pity on you Sissy. Its okay. Let me teach you once I had finished it” He made his sarcastic reply.
I hit his head and said “I know it and I just wanted to check you. Tell me”.
Finally, he replied “My previous step was 14. So I am on the number 15”. Then he moved his pencil from the number 15 to 16. Again I asked him “Now why are you here”.
He got little tensed and answered in a angry tone “My previous number was 15. So, I am here. Got it!” and added not to disturb him.
Again I hit his head and ran away from him as My mom called me.
That night a sudden thought raised about the question that I had asked against him “Why are you here”. He replied “My previous step was 14. So I am here”. What was wrong in it. He was right. Though, I wondered with his answer.
I rethink my question “Y are you here?”. If someone had posted me the same question with the same situation, I would have answered “Next number of 14 is 15. Next of 15 is 16”.
ait! Wait! I could catch your mind. “What makes the difference, both gives the same” Isn’t it. Yes, Of course. But wait, Let me try to convey! A thread gap makes a huge difference.
What If it is life.? when we are posted the question “Why am I here in the situation. What made me here to Joy/Worry?”
We just compromise ourselves and answered ‘For the sake of my Fate, I blindly did this’. The thing is, We have forgotten that our previous decision (It may be Our personal or career) which brings us here ( Yes! the present moment). Of course, We are not sure about our future although how conscious we were while making it. But, If we were cautious about our previous Fails or Pains, We would be strong of our upcoming matters even our new decisions put us down.
This is what I learnt from my neighbor boy’s answer that how clear he was with his reply that he was conscious about where he was before. I smiled and turned to my back side to get comfortable sleep where I could see a proverb in the wall which I made for motivating myself: “LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP” (I meant it as “One should make his/her move before knowing the depth of the next step where he/she decided to place themselves”). I got up from the bed and make a change in the wall as “LOOK BACK, BEFORE YOU LEAP”.
We are not suffered by the hardest path in the process , but its the decision we choose to walk in it.
Its okay whatever problems or struggles it will bring, at least we can justify to ourselves why we made it rather being blind on our decisions.
“Its not about the decisions that we are about to make, sometimes its about our decisions we had made earlier”. (Thank you!)

#keep Smiling 🙂 !
#Ta da!
#Be Blessed!

What Really Matters

Hellelooo!!! Very Goodu ………..! (whatever the time you are being here..) Shall we start with a Tongue Twister?

“Pad kid poured curd pulled cod”.
(Can you make it one more time?)
Here, you could guess what genre I have taken today, if you were keep reading my blogs so far. Yes Its a PoeM. Lets go!!

What its about……..?

Its not about the beautiful eyes,
Its about the view over the Goodness of others!!
Its not about the shape of the nose,
Its about the intervention of other's personal!!
Its not about the Rosy Lips,
Its about the Words thrown towards others!!
Its not about the Neck to nod to say Yes,
Its about to Say No when it is Needed!!
Its not about the Broad Shoulder,
Its about making it for consoling someone!!
Its not about the hand which always seeking the help,
Its about lifting someone in their need!!
Its not about the color of the Skin,
Its about the Color of the Thoughts!!
Its not about 36-24-36,
Its about How Healthy!!
Its not about the Money in the Wallet,
Its about How it is used!!
Its not about the number of Degrees as Sur name,
Its about the Knowledge you earned!!
Its not about the distance traveled,
Its about the path made for others to follow!!
Its not about Living without worries,
Its about Living not the reason for someone's worries!!
Its not about the social media Likes,
Its about How social!!
Its not about the Time being asked for,
Its about the Time should Make for someone!!
Its not about being Busy,
Its about Productive!!
Its not about rumination of someone's mistakes,
Its about being poison for one's own faults!!
Its not about sticking with the problem of previous carelessness,
Its about care-less on the confusions towards future!!
Its not about setting someone as a Role Model,
Its about being a Role Model!!
Its not about Aware,
Its about Aware of Unaware!!
Its not about been Misused,
Its about Misusing own-self!!
Its not about silent reading of My Blog,

Hello Beautiful..!! Hope you are doing great. When I started to write this poem, I couldn’t stop myself. Concerning about your Time, I forced myself to stop this. I request you to pick any of those lines from here which really catches your thoughts and let me know in the comment section. Highly Expecting your recommended words to turn and think on the other side of the coin. #ThanksInAdvance !

#TaKiNg TiMe To ReFoCuS On WhAt ReAlLy MaTtErS

# Keep Smiling 🙂 !
# Ta da!
# Be Blessed!

The Real Love

An elder couple who were living in a small town for their work was about to get retired was working in the same company. They had two sons and their sons were lived with their families separately. They rarely visited their parents yet the elder couple were quite happy with that. The couple had a plan to save something for their life after retirement. Since, they were lived in a place where there occurred frequent robberies, they saved their small savings into the pages of the books which they used to read. Almost they reached their retirement period. The sons were frequently visited their parents on expecting favor of the retirement money. The couple had been decided to share their retirement cash to their two sons but they hadn’t confess it.

A sudden announcement came from the company that their retirement money would be reduced half due to some company financial issues and that would also be given 2 years later. The two sons bewildered to take care the elder ones in the meanwhile. Their visits to their parents had reduced slowly.

One day, a sudden fire in the whole street where the elder couple lived. They suffered a lot to save their home as much possible as they could. Fortunately, the money they saved into the pages were still there. It brought a hope to live their life without burden to someone.

The two sons visited their parents and gave them some hoping words but their raised a problem that who had been going to look after them for the rest of the life. The elder woman made her voice to tell about their small savings but the elder man resisted her not to confess it and they themselves decided to move to their small village where they had their lives in their earlier days.

A Big surprise, On Hearing about their employees drastic lost, the company came up with an offer that they would give them the retirement money ‘double to the original one’ before they would get into retired. The elder couple was quite relaxed and as per their previous plan, they shared their retirement cash with their two sons. Hmm! the two sons were guilt of their behavior towards the couple, But the couple would have never been mind their behaviors. With that, the couple made their way to their village and there they arranged a Mini Library with the books they had. They allowed the people to use their library especially the children in the village. I am the one who regularly visits their library. Not only to read the books but also I fell in love with the way they were sharing their love and care towards each other.

One day I wished to ask a question to the lovely couple, So I sat with them and posted a question,“Granny, I Could see the couples who are split up within few months or years of their marriage, You people had lost your lovely house where you were worked and your children are not here to support you but you people are showing the spirit to live together with love which I hadn’t seen in the newly married couple yet. Don’t you had any fights or misunderstandings so far?”

She had a look at her man and replied with her humble smile,“Yes Dear, we had even many times than you could guess. But, We would always try to FIX if something was broken in our home, Not THROW it away, We follow the same in Our Relationship too”. Oh My God! I was amazed with her words.Then I Happily went to my home and wrote down in my diary as follows:

I want to dress your baldness head!
I want your powerless eyes to love my skinny face!
I want to admire your toothless smile on your face!
I want to scold you when your ears went into inaudible!
I want your shivered hands to hold me!
I want to be your stick when your knee not supporting you!

I often want the hug from your weaken body!
I want to feel your white-beard on my nose when you kissed on my shrunken forehead!

I want our white hairs would tell our love story!

#Hello beautiful..!! Hope you are doing great. I always wonder and enthusiastic to see the elder couple than a young one at anywhere. I couldn’t take away my eyes from them until my retina would cut off the scene. Whenever my eyes catch them, along with, my cheeks get elongated (Unknowingly I would smile) and my heart would feel lite, I don’t know why. Perhaps, its my intuition that “Without expecting much, But the care and love, TRUE LOVE STILL EXISTS”. I could also feel, “They are always be there for each of them beyond their struggles”. To express it, I made this one. Hope you enjoyed it and Thank you so much for reading this one.

#CoupleGoals even in the Internet world.

#Keep Smiling 🙂 !
#Ta da!
#Be Blessed!!
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